Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tu B’Av and a tribute to a true Eshet Chayil

I was planning to write a shot piece on the Daf, or specifically the terrible plight of Agunot which is discussed in the perek that we just started (more specifically, the terrible situation that arrises when a husband disappears and his wife has reason to believe that he is dead) – however, I thought that I should start off with a few words about TU B’Av, and now that I started writing, it seems that I should stick with Tu B’Av, and leave the Daf for a different day (stay tuned....)

Today is Tu B'av

The Mishna (תענית ד,א) states that there were no happier days for Yisrael than the Fifteenth of Av and Yom Kippur, and indeed today is a very happy day, not only did we skip Tachanun in shul this morning (on a Monday no-less), but today is the anniversary of the date that Debbie and I got engaged.

Today, 12 years ago I proposed to Debbie in Niagara Falls. I don’t think that there could have been a more romantic date or location to get engaged.

After twelve wonderful years since our engagement (and our wedding a few months later), I suppose that this blog is a great opportunity for me to look back on how fortunate I am to have found an Eishet Chayal as wonderful and caring as Debbie.

A few thoughts about Debbie:

  • Debbie is a wonderful, supporting wife. Over the past twelve years, as I’ve grown spiritually, professionally, and personally, I have always felt that I have someone to grow with. Debbie is a partner in life that I’ve always felt comfortable talking with and sharing concerns with.

  • Debbie is a wonderful mother. She showers love and concern over all four of our kids, guiding them and helping them to grow and develop into fine young people. I’m not sure whether our kids realize how lucky they are to have a mother like Debbie, but I am sure as they grow up they will continue to be fine Jews as a result of the love and guidance that they receive from their mother.

  • Debbie is a realistic and practical person. We are currently moving into a new house, the first house that we owned. It was Debbie who took the time to research locations and contractors, who took an active role in every part of the construction of the house, from the kitchen layout, to the position of every electrical socket.
    Please G-d, Debbie and I will enjoy many many years together in this house of our dreams.

  • Professionally Debbie is also an outstanding teacher. In the few years that we have been in Modi’in, she has already established a reputation as a highly sought-after English teacher. She is full of creative ideas, and takes a strong interest in the development of her students. Just as our kids are lucky to have you as a mother, your students are lucky to have you as a teacher.

I feel very fortunate to have found a life partner as wonderful as Debbie.

Debbie, thank you for being you. It's been a wonderful 12 years together, and Please G-d we will continue to grow and develop together for many many years to come.

Debbie, I love you today as much as I did 12 years ago when we became as one


rabbi sedley said...

Beautiful Post. Thank you.

Jack Steiner said...

Are you trying to make the rest of us husbands look bad. ;)

It was a very nice post. Here is to many more years of happiness.