Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekday Minyanim in Modi'in

Note that this list was last updated December 2018
As a "Community Service" announcement, below is a list of some of the weekday minyanim in Modi'in.
This list is incomplete, but to the best of my knowledge the rimes listed below are still accurate. If anyone has any corrections or additions, please leave a comment or send me an email.

There is a list of Minyanim in Nof Ayalon here.

The "Modi'in Dati" site also has a list of Minyim here,

Mincha Gedola Options (Summer)
1:15 pm - Beit Knesset Moria (27 Esther HaMalka Street) (MAP)
1:15 pm - Hesder Yeshiva, Emek Beit Shaan
1:15 pm - Garin Torani - Beit Knesset Zachor L'Avraham ("Pizza Shul") (MAP)
1:15 pm - BEIT KNESSET KIPIDAN SFARDI (MAP) (Starts with Korbanot, Ashrei is at about 1:20 or 1:25)
1:45 pm - SuperTov, Shivtei Yisrael street
3:30 pm -  Kaiser Center (top floor)
5:25 pm - Ayelet Hashacha (In Kaiser, Opposite the Swimming pool - Mincha at same time in Summer and Winter) (MAP)

Mincha Gedola Options (Winter)

1:00 pm - Beit Knesset Moria (27 Esther HaMalka Street) (MAP)
12:25 pm - Reut (MAP) -
12:40 pm - BEIT KNESSET KIPIDAN (Ashkenaz, downstairs)(MAP)
1:15 pm - BEIT KNESSET KIPIDAN SFARDI (MAP) (Starts with Korbanot, Ashrei is at about 1:20 or 1:25)
1:00 pm -  Kollel Orot Yitzchak,  Beit Knesset Zachor L'Avraham ("Pizza Shul") (MAP)

Giva C / Malibo

("The Bunker" Corner of Nachal Tzin and Nachal Faran)

Shacharit: 6:00, (Mon, Th: 5:50), 6:30, 7:20,  (Fridays: 8:00)
Mincha: 1:30 (Fridays and Erev Chag only)
Ma'ariv: 7:30 (Winter), 9:30 (Summer)

(The "Sfardi Bunker", adjacent to Merkaz Modi'in)

Shacharit: 6:00, (Mon, Th: 5:55)
Mincha: Bzman

(Nachal Faran)
Shacharit: 5:55, (Mon, Th: 5:45), 6:40, 7:45 (In Yeshiva Migdal Torah Downstairs)
Mincha; B'zman
Ma'ariv: B'zman, 9:45 (Yeshiva downstairs), 10:30 pm

("Pizza Shul", Corner of Nahal Zohar and Nahar HaYarden)
Shacharit: 6:00, 6:25, 6:45 (Mon, Th: 5:50, 6:25 6;30), 7:30, 8:15
Mincha:  13:15 (Winter), 16:10 (Summer) (not always available, depending on on the kollel schedule), 10 minutes after candlelighting
Ma'ariv: about 25 minutes after Shki'a, 9:00 pm

(Above the Ganim on Nachal Tzin 42)

Shacharit: 6:15 (Fri 6:45)
Mincha: 7:00 (Summer only)
Ma'ariv: 8:30

TITURA (Malibo) (MAP)
Shacharit: 7:00 am
Ma'ariv: 9:00 pm

Shacharit: 6:00, (Mon, Th: 5:50), 8:30
Mincha: 1:20 (with Sfardim upstairs), before Shkia (also upstairs)
Ma'ariv: After Mincha (With Sfardim upstairs), 8:30 pm

Menorat Avner (ULPANA (MAP)
Shacharit: 6:25 (Su-Th), 7:00 (Frday)
Ma'ariv: 8:15

Buchman (Moriah / Shvatim)

SHIVTEI YISRAEL  (Corner of Binyamin and Dan)
Shacharit: 6:15, 8:10
Ma'ariv: 8:30 pm

ADIR BAMAROM  (Corner of Shimon and Dan (MAP)
Shacharit: 6:15 (Sun - Thurs), 8:10 (Sun - Fri)
Mincha: 10 minutes after candlelighting (summer only)
Ma'ariv: 9:00 pm

LEV ACHIM (Corner of Yisachar and Yehuda) (MAP)
Shacharit: 5:45, 6:20

ACHDUT (27 Esther HaMalka Street) (MAP)
Shacharit: Sun, Tue, Wed: 6:00, 8:15
Mon, Th: 5:55, 8:15
Fri: 6:15; 8:15

Kol Yehuda (Yael Gibora, Next to the Mikva)
Shacharit: Sun - Thurs: 6:30,
Fri: 7:00
Ma'ariv: 8:00 pm

MORIAH (27 Esther HaMalka Street) (MAP)
Shacharit: Mon - Thu: 6:20, 7:30
Fri: 7:00, 7:40
Mincha: 1:00 pm, 10 minutes after candle-lighting
: Aprox 35 minutes after Mincha, 9:30 pm

KSYM (AKA "BKA" or "Ashkenaz") (27 Esther HaMalka Street) (MAP)
Shacharit: 6:30, 7:00 8:15, (during school vacation there is also at 9:00 )
Mincha: About 15 min before Shkia
: aprox 18 minutes after Shkia,  9:00 pm

Shacharit: 6:30 (Sun-Thurs; Rosh Chodesh: 6:20), 8:15
Ma'ariv: 8:15 pm

Kaiser / Shimshoni

(6 Shesh Meshzar Street - entrance from Emek Zvulin 7, opposite the pool)
Nushach: Ashkenaz
Shacharit: 7:45
Mincha: 5:45 pm
Ma'ariv: 9:45

(11 Tkhelet Street  - entrance from Emek Zvulin 7, opposite the pool)
Nusach: Eidot Hamizrach
Shacharit: 6:15 (Mon, Thurs 6:00)
Mincha: B'Zman
Ma'ariv: B'Zman

(12 B'dolach St, Corner of Avnie Hachoshen and B'dolach Street in Kaiser)
Shacharit: 05:55 (Mon, Thurs 05:50), 06:30, 08:15 (Friday 7:00, 8:15)
Mincha: Korbanot about 15 minutes before candle-lighting
Ma'ariv: 1 Hour after Mincha, 9:00 pm

Corner of Inbar and B'dolach

Corner of Inbar and B'dolach
Nusach: Eidot Hamizrach
Shacharit: 06:10 (Mon, Thurs 06:00), Friday 6:45
Ma'ariv: 8:30 pm

28 David Elazar
Shacharit: 06:00 (Mon, Thurs 05:50, Friday 06:30)
Ma'ariv: 21:00

18 Emez Zvulun, opposite Keiser Center
Nusach: Sfard
Shacharit: 6:00 (earlier on days with Kriyat Hatorah)
Ma'ariv: 7:45 pm

Maccabim / Reut

Achva V'reut (in REUT)
(10 Haoranim Street, Reut - MAP)
Shacharit: Sun-Th: 5:30, 6:15; Fri: 6:30, 7:00
Mincha: 12:20 (Winter only), candle-lighting
Ma'ariv: Hour after Mincha, 8:30


Anonymous said...

Bunker also has a 7:20 morning minyan, Yakir Efraim maariv is at 8:30, not 8:15

Thanks for this community service!

Alissa said...

Anything in Shimshoni and Tzipor?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Daniel Morris said...

KSYM/BKA 8.10am minyan is not 8.15

Daniel Morris said...

that should read "now 8.15" !!

Anonymous said...

Adir Bamarom has added a Summer-time mincha minyan, 10 minutes after the previous shabbat candle lighting time

Anonymous said...


Titora also has a daliy Ma'ariv minyan at 9:00 Sunday - Thursday.

Michael Sedley said...

Thanks Anon - list has been updated - if anyone else has updates, please leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

The rosh kollel of orot yitzchak (the kollel that learns in the lower level of Beit Knesset Zachor L'Avraham "Pizza Shul") in Giva C asked me to relay that the Mincha Gedola minyan is at 1pm (ashrei as 1pm). The nusach follows whoever is shaliach tzibur.

Anonymous said...

There is no longer a weekday Shacharit minyan at Beit Knesset Hameginim (Dimri - Kaiser/Shimshoni).

Sam Zimmerman said...

The 1:15 mincha minyan at Kipodan Sefardi seems to be during the winter as well
2) Is today really October 32?

Anonymous said...

There used to be a mincha gedola at the ligad centre - just in the hallway as you come in and turn right. Does anyone know if it's still going on?

david said...

I am interesting in organizing a mincha minyan in the Dimri towers. Does anyone know of people in the area who may be interested?

Anonymous said...

We have started a new minyan in the Dimri towers. It meets at 1:30 at 49 Yigal Yadin daily (Su-Th). Please add it to your list.

Anonymous said...

Where exactly in the Dimri 49 building is the 1:30pm mincha. I went there and asked in a few offices and nobody had a clue.

Anonymous said...

There is a daily Mincha Gedola at 3:30pm on the top floor of Kyzer Center. There is a tiny shul/bet midrash which is located in the corner just past the public restrooms. I have found this minyan to be well attended and very consistent and it usually starts 5 minutes late.

Ande Harkov said...

Unless I missed it, you are missing the oldest minyan/shul in Buchman- Shiftei Yisrael

Michael Sedley said...

Ande, I think that you're right that Shivtei Yisrael is the oldest minyan in Buchman, and they recently moved into their own building and set up weekday minyanim. If you tell me what time the minyanim are, I'll gladly add them to the list.

Debbie said...

There is also a beit kneset on Nachal Yarmuch:
In addition to he times listed I think they added a second shacharit minyan at 6:25 or 6:30 if I'm not mistaken.

DשלוםBerk said...

I wrote you a note on the google map about adding some synagogues to the map.

David Brief said...

thank yu very much for compiling this. very helpful this year.

Daniel Barr said...

The Yeshiva Tichonit on Reuven has a good option for Mincha Gedola 14:15 except Tuesdays in the downstairs Beit Midrash (schooldays only)

Unknown said...

Late Shacharit Minyan at Kipudan is at 8.30am not 8.15am

Anonymous said...

The Ulpana (Menorat Avner) davens shachrit at 6:25. They have a maariv minyan at 8:15

Michael Sedley said...

Thanks for the update on Menorat Avner, Do they still have a later Shacharit on Fridays?
Is the 8:15 Maariv all year round, or only during the Summer

David said...

The Pizza Shul (Zachor L'Avraham) has a daily (Sun-Fri) 7:30 AM shacharit minyan.

Michael Sedley said...

Thanks David, I added the 7:30 minyan.

Does the Pizza shul really have 5 weekday Shacharit minyanim 6:00, 6:25, 6:45, 7:30, 8:15?

Anonymous said...

I think ma'ariv at El-Ad is at 8:15pm not 8pm.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of a weekday mincha minyan in the yishpro center area?

Michael Sedley said...

I'm pretty sure that there is Mincha in the Shul in Rami Levi in Yishpru, but I don't know what time.

DZA said...

Thank you! Turns out it is 13:30 (at least before covid times)