Sunday, March 2, 2008

Too Much Excitement

Well, we had an exciting Shabbat, both at our home, as well as other parts of the country.

ב"ה here everyone is OK (now), but Debbie did spend most of Shabbat in Tel HaShomer hospital with Yael.

We were invited for Sudat Shabbat Friday night at our friends the Levines who live right accross the road. They were also hosting the minyan this Shabbat (still no shuls in the neighbourhood), so we were planning to daven and eat there.
Before kiddush, Yael was playing on their climbing frame outside, and managed to fall on her head. Initially she seemed shaken, but no sign of injury, however within a few minutes she fell into quite a deep sleep, and half an hour later threw up - twice, and turned very pale - almost a pale blue.

We agreed that Debbie would take her up to Paul (AKA Dr Gaon), who is a friend of ours, and has a son, Matan who carpools with Yael home from gan each day. I said that if it was more serious, I'd take her to hospital, as Debbie spent almost a week with yael in hospital 2 years ago (but that's a different story).

Anyway, Paul checked her out, said that he was concerned about the vomitting, and if she threwup again we should call an ambulance. As he was saying that, Yael threw up, so Paul sent Debbie and Yael streight to hospital, without even giving them the chance to come home to get a change of clothes, or to give me instructions what to serve for Shabbat lunch.

So I was stuck at home, with 3 kids, and 2 guests (2 girls from Toronto on their Gap year program), and no idea what to serve for Shabbat meals.
Debbie and Yael spent the hospital at tel HaShomer with no change of clothes, or anything else.

The kids were quite Shaken, each expressed it in their own way - Noam had trouble sleeping and became very clingy, Avital shone, prepared Shabbat meals, and acted very grown up. And both Yehoshua and Avvital expressed concern (Shabbat afternoon Yeoshua asked me what happens when a child dies - who says Kaddish the father or the older brother).
Surprisingly the thing that spooked me was quite trivial, when we got home Friday night, I noticed that both Shabbat candles had gone out. That had never happened before, and for some reason it really shook me.

ב"ה by the time Yael got to hospital her condition seemed to have improved, and they would have released her that night, except being Shabbat they had no where to go.
Yaeli came home after Shabbat happy as Larry, full of excitements after her adventure, and with a bracelet with her name on it.

Unfortunately, the rest of the country also had a busy Shabbat, especially in Ashekelon and the Gaza area where things are really heating up. But I'll leave my opinion on that for a future post.

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