Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Secret to a long life...


The Jerusalem Post just had an article that showed research linking regular attendance at religious services with a longer life expectancy.

Some 92,395 post-menstrual women - Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews and women of other faiths - ages 50 to 70 were recruited on a voluntary basis from all over the US.


Those attending religious services at least once per week showed a 20% mortality risk reduction mark compared with those not attending services at all.

These findings corroborate prior studies that have shown up to a 25% reduction in such risk.

Full article here.

As if to prove the point, here is a video of the Great Great Grandson of Rav Elyashiv (that's his Grandson's grandson) .
Rav Eliashiv is 98 years old (Bli Ayin Hara) and still very much "with it".

I don't imagine that he was one of the people interviewed in the survey above, however I'm prepared to bet that he attends religious services at least once a week :)

Hat tip: Life in Israel

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