Monday, June 20, 2011

Are you planning to go sailing to Gaza this Summer

In case any of my readers are planning on joining the “Freedom Flotilla” to support the poor people of Gaza who only have a one small border with Egypt through which they can smuggle missiles to fire peacefully at the evil Zionist occupiers who go to kindergartens and schools in the Israeli towns near Gaza – well think again. I just received the following travel advisory from the new Zealand Government.  And when the New Zealand Government issues a travel advisory, you know that things are serious….

Reviewed: 17 June 2011, 16:20 NZDT
Still current at: 21 June 2011

There is extreme risk to your security in the occupied Palestinian territory of Gaza and we advise against all travel due to the threat from kidnapping, acts of terrorism and retaliatory military operations.  The security situation in Gaza remains dangerous and unpredictable despite the ceasefire that has been in place since January 2009 between Hamas and Israel.  Israeli strikes on Gaza have occurred since the ceasefire.  Tensions within Gaza also remain high.  Foreign nationals, including a New Zealander, have been kidnapped in Gaza in the past.

We strongly advise against any attempt to enter Gaza by sea in breach of Israeli navy restrictions or participating in any attempt to break the naval blockade, including participation in flotillas to deliver aid.  In May 2010, an attempt to breach the naval blockade along the coast of Gaza was intercepted by Israeli security forces and resulted in the injury, death, arrest and deportation of a number of foreign nationals.

New Zealanders who decide to travel to Gaza against our advice should ensure that appropriate personal security protection measures are in place at all times.  We strongly recommend you consult a reputable security company (with experience in Gaza) for advice on security arrangements.  Security arrangements should be reviewed on a regular basis.  Such measures may mitigate the risks to your safety but cannot eliminate them entirely.  As there is no New Zealand diplomatic presence in Gaza, the ability of the government to assist New Zealand citizens who get into trouble is severely limited.


Don’t say that you weren’t warned…


Garnel Ironheart said...

Wow, that sure changes my summer plans.

Anonymous said...

I love the last sentance - the ability of the government to assist New Zealand citizens who get into trouble is severely limited. Must be because the NZ military sold their last pea shooter.

Michael - check out this sloppy journalism by the Jerusalem Post.

Mr. Cohen said...

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Kevin said...

"Occupied Palestinian territory of Gaza"? Occupied by ... Palestinians?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, that "occupied Palestinian territory of Gaza" draws immediate attention, doesn't it?