Monday, January 9, 2012

Follow up on Netvision Fiasco

I said that if I would post any follow up from Netvision.
This morning I got a call from Tami at Netvision who had read my last post and was keen to try to make amends.
She again repeated that I must have agreed to the Internet plan when they called, she said that they would not have given me an Internet account unless they provided me with a user name and password.
I repeated that I definitely did not agree to open an Internet account and I am certain that I never received a user name or password. Again I asked for a copy of the original conversation, and again she said that they could not provide it without a court order.
She did however agree to a full refund and she said that she would personally review the original call to verify what happened.
She said that the refund will take up to 30 days – Bli neder I’ll leave a comment to this post if/when it arrives.
So it seems that the only way to get any service from Netvision is to write about it on the Internet. With that in mind, if anyone else has a story that they would like posted on this blog, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.


Anonymous said...

I just got services with NetVision on February 15, 2013. The Technician who did the installation became abusive and violent when I wrote on the work order that all my phone lines have noises that were not there before his instalation. A supervisor called to appologize for the tech's violent behavior, and send me cordless phones that were suppose to make my lines noiseless. I need to cancell my services with NetVision, but no customer service is listening to my complains. Please call me at 052-587-1848 and let me know how to make a legal complaint. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

this is from the facebook page of angloprotexia:
Fighting back, class action against Netvision

Based upon the feedback I have received, it seems patently clear that Netvision is conducting itself in bad faith and contrary to the law. The law requires that a company cut off services (and charges for said services) within 36 hrs of the request for same. As per the law, the request could be made orally, by fax or mail. Apparently, Netvision believes that this law does not pertain to them. As per the law, the penalty for non-compliance is up to 10,000NIS!

I have the lawyer ready to go and two potential plaintiffs. If you
have tried to cancel any Netvision service and they failed to comply, you may be the perfect plaintiff. The perfect plaintiff is one who has a paper trial that could prove the attempt to cancel and Netvision failure to do so. By way of example, if you cancelled by way of or fax with proof of successful transmission and notwithstanding you got several more bills from them, YOU ARE THE PERFECT PLAINTIFF. Second best is if you called in the cancellation and you have contemporaneous notes that involve with whom you talked, the date and mispar pniya and they continued to charge you.

The government, as of late, has made major efforts to attempt to curtail consumer abuse, now we need to do our part (and make some money in the process). If you feel you are a viable plaintiff, please e-mail me with your contact info and a short synopsis of your specific situation to