Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr President

The media is full of stories in honour of President Peres' 90th Birthday.

Shimon Peres is truly a great statesman. An old-school Labour Zionist who played a big part in the establishment of the state, and has been involved in almost all key events in the history of our country. From his youth in Poland (where he allegedly met the Chafetz Chaim), to the Britsih mandate, through the wars of 48, 56, 67, and 73 and most of all, to the Oslo accords, Shimon Peres has been a part of history.

This morning on the radio, one of the speakers talked about how Shimon Peres can teach us all about Emuna (Belief). For decades, Mr Peres has believed in a vision, and his belief has remain steadfast no matter how popular the current political trends were for or against his vision. Nothing has been able to shake Shimon Peres' faith in a better future.

So in honour of his birthday, and 20 years since the signing of the Oslo Accords which was possibly Shimon Peres' most significant contribution to the state, here is the song "אנחנו הילדים של אוסלו" - "We are the children of Oslo", written in honour of the children born in 1993 together with the Oslo Accords. (Lyrics and my translation below)


We are children of Oslo, [born in] the year ‘93

You sold us on the [White House] lawn in exchange for promises.
You were tired men who wanted a Nobel Peace Prize.
You were young women and that wanted to mix realty with a dream.
So we got a lot of complements and you made an half thought-out deal,
What is it possible to do with us – no problem, follow us to the flood.

You promised a dove and olive branch.
We got a Kassam rocket on our house.
You promised peace and happiness, we got exile and explosions.
You promised a dove….

We are the children of Oslo, the year ’93.
We grew up now with the army and weapons, and helmet on our head.
We’re from Kfar Saba, Haifa, Gush Katif – I’m from Sderot/
Look after your Nobel Prize, that it doesn’t get dirty from shrapnel or blood and tears.
You never asked us, what each of us think.
For a long time ago we learned that promises don’t have to be kept.
To shatter the dream, Ashkelon, Itamar, and from our heart we wanted to whisper,
We are the children of Oslo, that you had in mind.
You promised a dove, olive branch, we got a Kassam rocket on our house.

Only 2 people killed each day is a great deal for peace.
Keep singing about our heritage.
We got a [call up] order over the network and don’t have time to talk.
That’s OK, we don’t need an apology…
You promised us a dove and olive branch…..

אנחנו הילדים של אוסלו שנת 93

מכרתם אותנו בדשא תמורת הבטחות.
הייתם גברים עייפים שרצו פרס נובל לשלום.
הייתם נשים צעירות שרצו לערבב מציאות בחלום.
אז קיבלתם המון מחמאות ועשיתם הסכם חצי תעלול,
שאפשר לעשות עלינו- לא נורא אחריכם המבול.

הבטחתם יונה עלה של זית.
קיבלנו קאסם על הבית.
הבטחתם שלווה ושמחות , קיבלנו רק גרוש והפצצות.
הבטחתם יונה ...........

אנחנו הילדים של אוסלו שנת 93.
גדלנו עכשיו בצבא עם הנשק- כסדה על הראש.
אני מכפר-סבא, חיפה, גוש קטיף, אני משדרות.
שימרו על הנובל, שלא יתלכלך מרסיסים או מדם ודמעות .
עליכם לא נלחץ לא נשאל כל אחד מה עוד הוא זומם.
כי מזמן למדנו הבטחות לא צריך לקיים.
לבטל החולים, אשקלון , איתמר ובקרב- רק רצינו ללחוש ,
אנחנו הילדים של האוסלו ההוא מה עבר לכם בראש .
הבטחתם יונה , עלה של זית , קיבלנו קאסם על הבית .

רק שני הרוגים בכול יום זה אכלה דיל עבור השלום.
תמשיכו לשיר על מורשת.
קיבלנו פקודה ברשת ואין לנו זמן לשיחה.
זה בסדר מוותרים על סליחה.
הבטחתם יונה עלה של זית ......

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

I'm still waiting for him to be brought up on charges of meeting with the PLO when it was still a crime to do so...