Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly ideas for the Shabbat Table

I just added a blog to my Blog Role - Rabbi Walk's Walk Through The Parsha.
This blog, by a former teacher of mine has a short weekly thought on the parsha which is gives you something to say over the Shabbat table. There is also the option to subscribe and receive the vort via email.

If you enjoy Rabbi Walk's ideas, you can order a book with a thought for every Shabbat of the year from Create Space. (I also got a mention in the book's acknowledgements, which I guess is the closest I'll get to my 15 minutes of fame - unless you count this video from 1985).

Also, on a different note, I was just informed of a new service running all over Israel to set up phone learning partners, chavrutot,  free of charge  on any Jewish topic. For more information, contact  Dovid and Racheli  at 025808867 or

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