Thursday, July 26, 2007

Welcome to my blog...

Well, this is my blog.
I'm not sure what type of blog this will turn into, or whether I'll even manage to blog regularly, but there are times that I have thoughts that I'd like to write down, and who knows, maybe someday someone will want to read them.

In case you've stumbled on this blog by accident and are wondering who I am, well a bit about me -
My name is Michael. I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, but currently live in Modi'in Israel. I am married with four kids (bli Ayin Hara).
I'm a technical writer and am currently contracting long-term for a company in Toronto, Canada.

Well, now that I've have something in my first post, I guess that I can get back to work. If you do stumble upon my humble blog, please leave a comment just so I know that someone is out there.

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Michal Schwartz said...

Hi Michael,

My name is Michal Schwartz and I live in RBS A. We made aliyah 2 summers ago from Brooklyn NY and found RBS A very convenient yet a bit stifling... I have seen you post occasionally on Life in Israel, and was wondering if you might be able to direct me.

I am seriously considering moving to Modi'in (as you can imagine, am pretty sick and tired of all the extremism), but as I have zero knowledge of what type of frum education is available in your area I was hoping to get your input on it. We (my husband and I) have four kids ranging in age from 4 to 10.

You can email me directly at

I hope this method of reaching you is ok by you..

Shavua Tov
Michal (& Dov) Schwartz
052 736 4202