Sunday, November 2, 2008


Debbie is due to give birth any day, which is why I haven't been blogging lately as much as I used to.

Trying to give the kids as much time and attention as I can so they don't feel that they've been neglected in the excitement before (and after) the arrival of Number Five.

Tuesday אי"ה Debbie's mother is arriving which will be a big help, however before then Debbie has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and it is quite possible that they will decide that the baby is too big and she should head straight for the hospital.

I don't know if I believe in Segulot or not, but normally Peticha is a segula for an easy delivery - well.... on Shabbat i went to the early minyan (not very early, 7:00), and there was a problem with the lock on the Aaron Kodesh - the Gabai'im couldn't get the Aaron open at all and ended up davening Mussaf Before Kriya and then borrowing a Sefer from the Sfardim next door.

If Peticha is a segula for an easy delivery, I hate to think what it means if you can't get the Aaron Kodesh open at all.....

Stay tuned

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