Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Klausenberger Rebbe's prediction

Several blogs and news sites, including Life in Israel are talking about a Statement that the Klausenberger Rebbe made in 1982.

Apparently in the middle of a shiur, he interrupted himself and said the following:

העניין של פרסום אלוקות בעולם הוא לא רק עבור יהודים אלא גם בשביל גויים שרואים יהודי שמתפלל ועובד את ה', ויהיה יהודי יחיד שיסע להודו ובמקום זה יש מליונים עובד ע"ז והוא יגלה אלוקות והוא יהרג שם וכל האומה הזה ידברו עליו והוא מקדש שם שמים שעל ידו יתגלה למליוני אנשים שיש ה' בעולם
The issue of publicizing G-d in the world is not only for the Jews, but also for gentiles that see a Jew pray and serve G-d. It will happen that a single Jew will travel to India and in that place there are millions who worship false gods and he will reveal G-dliness, and he will be killed there and all the nation will speak of it and he will sanctify G-d's Name and through him will be revealed to millions that there is a G-d in the world.

If you want to hear a recording of the speech, it is available here in Yiddish.

Now, I don't speak Yiddish and it is possible that the above quote is not accurate, but if this what he said, it is very chilling.
I don't believe that there is still prophesy in the World, and don't pretend to understand what the quote means, but if you listen to interviews that Rabbi Holtzberg gave over recent years where he describes his encounters with his Hindu neighbours and how central idol worship was to many of them, the quote is strangely prophetic.

Follow Up
Apparently the Hebrew translation above (which I used for my English translation) is not accurate - here is the original Yiddish, if anyone wants to translate it to English 9or Hebrew), please leave a comment:


Lucky Wolf said...

..There comes Jews -one Jew- who live in the entire India, it could be just one, [and] Hundreds of million non-Jews know of him. they speak about this Jew they tell over about the Jew "did they kill this Jew, is the Jew still Alive?"

Michael Sedley said...

Thanks for posting this translation.

BTW - LOVE your blog, but I can see myself getting addicted to it

Lucky Wolf said...

addiction is not always a bad thing! ;-)