Monday, August 10, 2009

What Planet is Orly Taitz Esq From?

I’ve been watching the Nirther Movement lately, it makes for good entertainment.

I recently saw Orly Taitz Esq’s spectacular performance on MSNBC is you missed it, it makes for great entertainment. and makes us very proud to have someone as well spoken as Ms Taitz (Esq) as an Israeli citizen.

Firstly, to me it is amazing that someone with as many talents as Orly is not taken more seriously. She not only is a hot-shot lawyer, but according to CNN in her free time she is both a dentist AND a Real Estate Agent. Makes you wonder how she has time to keep on top of her appearances.

However, after seeing some of her videos, it seemed clear to me that there are many questions around her birth – it seems unlikely that such a multi-talented person was really born on Plant Earth.

It is already pretty much understood that the Hawaiian Birth Certificate of President Obama was a fake produced by the US Government to hide his real identity. It is also now clear that the Kenyan Birth Certificate presented by Orly Taitz Esq was a fake based on an Australian Birth Certificate.

The only question is, where was Obama really born, and is it the same Planet as Orly Taitz Esq?

The answer to the first question is Easy, Obama was born in a Biolab-Hatchery in Nevada.

As for Orly Taitz Esq? Is it possible that she is from the same planet as the Plant Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors? Her resemblance in looks (not to mention tasteful dress) to Audrey I is uncanny….

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