Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monty Python Day

Apparently today is International Monty Python Status Day.

In honour of this momentous occasion, and Lag B’Omer a few days ago, I give you the following interpretation of Shabbat 33b where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai give his opinion of the Romans (with a little help from John Cleese).

For those who wanted to see the original, as only Soncino could translate it:

For R. Judah, R. Jose, and R. Simeon were sitting, and Judah, a son of proselytes, was sitting near them. R. Judah commenced [the discussion] by observing, 'How fine are the works of this people! [The Romans] They have made streets, they have built bridges, they have erected baths.' R. Jose was silent. R. Simeon b. Yohai answered and said, 'All that they made they made for themselves; they built market-places, to set harlots in them; baths, to rejuvenate themselves; bridges, to levy tolls for them.'

Or for those who prefer the real original:

רבי יהודה ורבי יוסי ורבי שמעון ויתיב יהודה בן גרים גבייהו פתח ר' יהודה ואמר כמה נאים מעשיהן של אומה זו תקנו שווקים תקנו גשרים תקנו מרחצאות ר' יוסי שתק נענה רשב"י ואמר כל מה שתקנו לא תקנו אלא לצורך עצמן תקנו שווקין להושיב בהן זונות מרחצאות לעדן בהן עצמן גשרים ליטול מהן מכס

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Anonymous said...

Cant wait for Monty Python Status Day when the new book 'Life of Brian/Jesus' is released on an unsuspecting world. Then go to MontyPython's 'deadparrotshop' and get it now and spoil Easter for someone special.