Monday, October 25, 2010

Cute Video – They Spoke Hebrew

Jacob Richman just put together a short (less than 5 minutes) video of Hebrew being used in popular TV shows (Everything from MASH to House), it opens with a great scene of a Brit being supervised by Father Mulcahy with the Hebrew words being to him via Morse Code (with Radar’s Help).

You should definitely check it out:


Garnel Ironheart said...

My favourite Hebrew in movies:
1) The Brady Bunch movie - a taxi cab driver starts shouting in Hebrew at one of the characters.
2) Navy Seals - the team meets with Israeli commandos to get intelligence on their upcoming mission to Lebanon. The Israeli soldiers start talking with each other and the subtitles say things like "Should we tell them about the secret danger area?" and stuff like that but what the soldiers are really saying is: "So where do you want to go to eat after this?"

Michael Sedley said...

Clip from Navy Seals sounds really funny - do you know whether either of the clips that you mentioned are available on-line?

Mel said...

Thought thay red Indians singing along in Hebrew took the cake :-)