Friday, January 7, 2011

If you're late for Shacahrit ….

A wise man once said that is you are late for Shacharit, the first thing to get sacrificed are the korbanot.

Unfortunately the reality is that relatively few people take the few minutes that it takes to read the Korbanot each morning. Many people skip them all together even if they are not late for shul. As we started Missechet Zvachim in Daf yomi, I heard Rabbi Lau point out that people should realize that the siddur does not start on page 20, and to include the Korbanot in your daily Tfilla would not be a big imposition.

That said, it is very seldom that I am in shul with Tfilin on early enough to read through all the Korbanot, I do however try to read at least the first Mishna so that I start each day with some Torah Shba’al peh.

In spite of this. as we started Perek איזהו מקומן in Daf Yomi, I realized how painfully unfamiliar this perek was to me (and everyone else in the shiur).

The Maggid Shiur had a great suggestion as to how we could become more familiar with this Perek – given that (almost) no one seems to be able to spend 2 minutes reading the entire Perek each morning, how about a single mishna each day – but instead of the first mishna every day, divide the 8 mishnayot over the week – each day read a different Mishna, and the final 2 on Shabbat. That way you can review the entire perek each week, and hopefully over time the perek will seem less unfamiliar.

A great idea, so far I am almost one week into it – we’ll see if I manage to keep it up.

(BTW – Yisha Koa’ch to the The Rebbetzin's Husband on starting a new Daf Yomi shiur. Next time I'm in Toronto I'll try to check it out – בלי נדר)


The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

Thanks; I look forward to seeing you, אי"ה!

Anonymous said...

Just remember the concept of "uneshalma parim sefaseinu" and that Rashi says at the Bris bein Habsarim that Bnei Yisrael's right to eretz yisrael is "avodas hakorbanos".