Sunday, January 8, 2012

013 Netvision – Customer Service at its worst

If any readers are considering 013 Netvision as an Internet Service Provider or long distance phone carrier – don’t.
If you already have an account with 013 Netvision, you should carefully check your monthly statements to make sure that there are no additional charges for services that you did not agree to.
If you want details of what really bad customer service looks like, take a look at the following (sorry that this is such a long post). If anyone else has had an interesting customer service experience with 013 Netvision, whether good or bad, please leave a comment.
For the past several years, we have used 013 Netvision for long distance phone calls. About 3 months ago, a representative of 013 Netvision called to offer us their Internet service. She offered a similar service to what I’m getting for a better price and the first moth free.
Because I never agree to any deals over the phone without first seeing the details in writing, I asked her to email me further information, including specific technical details that she was unable to provide me on the phone. They never sent a follow-up email, and because I am very happy with my current ISP and had no interest in changing, I never followed up with them.
To my surprise, when I opened my 013 bill last month, I was astonished to see that they were charging me for the Internet Service, in spite of the fact that I never agreed to it and never used it – nor did I ever get the technical details how to connect to them, so I could not have used it even if I had wanted to.
Assuming that this was a simple misunderstanding, I called their client services number to explain what had happened and to get a refund.
After more than half an hour on hold, the agent I spoke to transferred my to Omaima, a manager in the Client Services department. She pulled up my information, and said that according to their records I agreed to the deal. She then had the Chutzpah to try to sell me the deal instead of cancelling it. I explained several times that I was not interest in their Internet Service, I just wanted my money back and for them to cancel the account.
After a long conversation, Omaima agreed to get someone to review a recording of the original sales call, and if I had not agreed to the deal, she would refund the money and cancel the service. She said that she would call me back later that day or the next business day to confirm that the issue had been resolved.
When she didn’t get back to me the following business day, I again called, was put on hold for almost an hour and left a message with Bracha who said that someone would get back to me (which they didn’t).
The following day, after almost an hour on hold, I spoke to Rinat who said that the case was being reviewed and someone would get back to me later that day or the following day (which they didn’t)
2 days later again I spent an hour on hold. This time I spoke to Irene (who was the only representative I spoke to who even sounded sympathetic), who said that she would investigate the case and get back to me later in the same day (which she didn’t).
Irene did transfer me to a senior representative, Yasmin, who said the same thing – that the case was being reviewed and she would get back to me the same day (which she didn’t).
This morning, I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with them. I spoke to a manger called Adi who outright lied to me claiming that I must have given a credit card number to the sales representative, which I am 100% certain did not happen. When I asked for a recording or transcript of the verbal contract she said that there was no way for them to send me a copy without a court order.
She also had the chutzpah to again try to sell me their Internet plan service based on their terrific client services (I kid you not!).
She said that there was no way for them to refund the money, I asked if they could compensate me in a different way, for example credit in long distance phone calls. She said that she would get someone from the phone service department to call us back, which (surprise surprise) they did – to offer us almost the same phone deal that is advertised on the radio (great compensation).
So bottom line, we are looking for a new long-distance provider.
I have sent a copy of this post to 013 Netvision’s Customer Service department. If I get a response, I will post it as a follow-up message.
If anyone else has any 013 Customer Services experiences, please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Had a similar experience several years ago when they signed me up for an Internet service which wasn't what I needed, and wouldn't return calls when I tried to change the plan to something else.

They also said that I had a 1 year contract which they refused to cancel.

Keep away from NETVISION!

Anonymous said...

Bad service and charges for services that they don't provide seems to be a common complaint against Netvision.
See the following:

Nicole said...

i've heard similar stories from others about Netvision. I am with bezeq benleumi and am happy...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Ach, so painfully familiar...

013 Netvision client service said...

Hello Michael,
netvision strives to give all it's customers the best possible service and support

We are sorry to hear about your experience, and would like to contact you to better understand the matter and help make your customer service experience a more pleasant one.
Please send us your contact details to the email address below.

Thank you,
013 Netvision client service.

Anonymous said...

Same experience! They told me I "agreed" to the internet when I explicitly said I did not want it. After calling 5 times and wasting about 3 hours of my life on hold- they finally agreed to cancel me-but not before trying to sell it to me again and no they did not refund a shekel of the money they outright STOLE. It is amazing how a large company can have a policy of being so dishonest. They really know nothing about how to retain clients. I cancelled everything with them. The took 100 NIS from me, but they lost a good client. What idiots...

Anonymous said...

I had Internet service with Netvision 013 for about 3 weeks only.
Listen to my story. I think this will top them all. I am hoping that with all of our stories we can start a lawsuit and bring all of our evidence before the judge without needing a lawyer!
So here is my story.
I had the account transferred to me by my room-mate as he was leaving to go into the Army. We signed the papers. Pretty simple. I was now the owner of the account. I had had some personal issues and had to go to the USA. So I called Netvision and asked them if they would let me out of my remaining contract. They said no - I had to transfer it to another just as my room mate did with me. I looked for someone wanting service in my building that agreed to take over the payments that wanted internet service.
There was maybe 4 or 5 months remaining on the contract.
I then filled out the proper papers and faxed them to Netvision. They said everything is perfect and in order. They new person will now be responsible. I checked 2 times with them and YES they said - I do not have to worry about being charged for service anymore. They have everything in the computer of the transfer.
So I had to leave the country in about 3 days and had much to do. I just figured that I could leave and when I return everything would be as it were in my BANK.
Well it has been over 3 years now and did not anticipate it being this long before I return to Israel.
NETVISION 013 has "STOLEN" about 2,800 shekels from my bank account!
I was shocked because I did not look at my bank account for about 40 months!
I had no reason to really.
They promised and confirmed to me that they transfer went through perfectly.
NOW - to tell you what happened after I called them lately.
They see that there is no reason I should have been charged the last 3 and a half years. That both forms of paperwork were filed correctly, and their computer shows this.
That my name has not been on the account since they switched customers, BUT MY BANK ACCOUNT WAS STILL BEING CHARGED!
I asked them politely to please refund the money.
They told me that they do not normally refund money.
That they as a customer service rep could not do that.
That the manager could not do that.
The same BS as I heard in these posts.
If they think they are going to STEAL almost 3,000 SHEKELS from NEW OLIM they have another thing coming.
They will refund the money to me or suffer the consequences!
They are now messing with the wrong person.
I will go to the TOP as the PRESIDENT of the company or whatever it takes.
They will gladly refund the money if they know the campaign I have in store for them.
So if they are smart they will refund the money they stole or THEY WILL HAVE TO LOOSE at least 1000 times more than they stole.
I AM LOOKING FOR PEOPLE IN A SIMILAR SITUATION that feel totally taken advantage by them.
The campaign will start with YOUTUBE VIDEOS.
Please reply to this post with your email address or write to me at NETVISIONSTEALS@GMAIL.COM if you would like to be a part of this campaign. Without your help this campaign will not be possible.
They only way to get your refunds and to stop them from taking advantage of innocent people are to join together and it will be easy or at least much easier!
Thanks for reading my story. Hope to hear from you all soon.
I am sure that there are hundreds of others out there that have problems with them.
It is time to take action now!
Best Regards,
Netvision Steals

Anonymous said...

Imagine Netvision is like an "animal" that goes to other animals and steals their babies and eats them.
Then they look for all types of other animals. This innocent ones.
Let them try to do this to the Prime Minister of Israel or a politician and see what happens to them.
They will be in for a a surprise.
Also they probably get away with stealing 5 million per year at least so if they have to pay a lawsuit of 20,000 back to the ones that file claims against them they are still at a large profit JUST FROM the the money they steal!

Wait until they try to steal a baby from a lion or tiger.They will get a surprise. Looking at the last comment it seems that this may be an angry lion that will destroy them if they do not settle on some type of mutual agreement with that person. I can't imagine that they could do such a thing. This is really a terrible company and they should not be allowed to operate.

Anonymous said...

Netvision are a Bunch of Thieves.

I started with 013 as Barak when it first came into operation in Israel. It was a pleasure after having been striped naked by Bezek at the time, with international calls.

My monthly telephone account used to be about NIS125 per month with Barak.

Last month Igot an extremely high account from Netvision 013. The charges per minute were Australia NIS 1.31 America NIS 0.73 and South Africa NIS 2.31 On querying why the charges were so high all of a sudden they explained that the "Deal" which we had was limited to time per call say 30 minutes. If we went one minute over then we were charged at the full rate for the full time of the call.
I immediately contacted them and they gave me a new deal of a 80% discount. No apology and no chance of a refund. These charges are before VAT. i HAVE LOOKED AROUND AND FOUND THAT i can do better than this new deal
Who in their right minds needs Netvision, they can shove their service where the monkeys shove their nuts.

Not All Olim Are Friers


Yehudit said...

I have been paying both Netvision and Bezeq for my ADSL. Every time I contacted them someone promised to get back to me and never did. Finally one of their customer service ladies was so rude to me I transferred to Bezeqint the same day. Immediately I received 3 phone calls and an email asking why I had transferred and teling me they would better Bezeqint prices. I sent copies of my correspondence to the Ministry of Coimmunications, who emailed me a copy of the letter that Netvision had written to me sent by snail mail. I had never received this letter as it was mailed to a non existent address. I am threatening to go to court if necessary to get my overpayment refunded.

Nechuma said...

Can someone help me? My son came back from Israel and is not using his phone anymore and I want to cancel his long distance, but I have no number for netvision to call them. Can anybody give me their number?

Michael Sedley said...

I wouldn't try calling Netvision, unless you have several hours to sit on hold.
I would call the credit card company and cancel all payments to Netvision, and then send an email (and fax) to Netvision Client Services saying that you have closed the account.
As far as I am aware, legally they have to close the account if they receive a request in writing.

Anonymous said...

i have the same story. they are cheats and liars.

Anonymous said...

I was a netvision customer for close to 14 years, and for the most part I was happy with them, until a few years ago, I rarely had any problems. Suddenly extra service began to show up on my bill, my long distance was cancelled without my knowledge and the supposedly gave me a cheaper package - also without my knowledge. They've become like all of the other Israeli companies that try to sneak in extra charges and ignore you when you question them. One thing that I have found is that if you send a fax in English, you have a slightly better chance of getting answered.

Anonymous said...

I am traumatised just from trying to get them to come and hook up my modem!
I have been waiting 40 min on the phone to speak to someone and they told me 15 min.
AND they do not speak English.
I wish someone would have told me earlier to not get Netvision. I want OUT!!

Angela Jerusalem said...

Is anyone in legal battle with Netvision? I will gladly join you if so. Also traumatic story and they STOLE hundreds from me.

Unknown said...

Since Netvision became a subsidiary of Cellcom, I'm currently paying close on to 700.00 shekels per month, and my speed has gone down - this was without my consent or notification. I originally only consented to 100.00/mo. for greater speed (this was years ago). I can't get customer service, nobody returns calls/messages, and if I manage to get anyone on the line, I get the total run-around. How do I go about canceling my account(if there is even one)?
I also feel I'm a victim of outright theft....