Monday, August 6, 2012

013 Netvision Again

As I've said on this blog before, one of the worst customer services experiences I've ever encountered was with 013 Netvision.

From comments on this blog and conversations with many people, it seems that for 013 Netvision, charging people for services they didn't request, need, or use, happens so often that I don't believe it is an error; it seems like a deliberate business policy.

"Netvision Customer Service" (and similar terms) are the most common search terms bringing people to this blog, so I guess I can thank Netvision for the extra traffic.

Since my last encounter with Netvision I did the only thing that makes sense - cancelled all payments to Netvision on my credit card, and make sure to stay clear of any services or products offered by the company.

Sure enough today I received another bill from them for services I never used, never asked for, and didn't pay for. No idea what they claim I owe them for, but I don't have a spare three hours today to wait on hold so that I can speak to a client service rep to find out.

If anyone else has similar mastery bills from Netvision, feel free to leave a comment.

And, if anyone from Netvision customer service is reading this (and if you aren't, you should be), feel free to leave a comment as well with a direct number that I can use to speak to someone without a 3 hour wait.


Anonymous said...

I would try to resolve this directly with Netvison.

The best way to get an Israeli customers service to notice you is to tweet about them (@013_Netvision), everyday until it gets resolved in a fair matter.

One word of caution be truthful to avoid opening yourself up to a slander lawsuits from netvision.,7340,L-4151377,00.html

Good Luck

Dovid R.

Michael Sedley said...

Thanks Dovid,

I did email Netvision asking them for details of exactly what the money is owed for, and a copy of the contract where I agreed to the service or charges.

If they send documentation confirming what I owe and that I agreed to the service (and not just an "Account outstanding" letter with no details), I will send them a cheque.