Monday, January 7, 2013

WWRD (What Would Rambam Do)

If you were wondering how the RaMBaM will vote in the forthcoming elections, well wonder no more.
I wasn't sure whether I laugh or cry when I say this add in this morning's Yisrael Hayom....

Stay tuned for my election predictions, but in the mean time, if you base your vote on speculation over how various rishonim would have voted - Am Salm's your man.

BTW  - I have it on good authority that the RiF is voting Shas, RaSHBam is voting Jewish Home, RaMBaN is voting for Otzma leYisrael, the Rosh is voting Yahadut HaTorah, and Rashi hasn't decided yet.
Still looking for a Rishon to back Amnon Yitzchak's Koach L'Hashpia.
Rabbi Nachman isn't a Rishon - but we all know how he's voting this year.

If you are really interested in more information about the Rishonim as historical figures, I highly recommend my brother's history class on the Web Yeshiva: Who wrote the Commentaries on the Talmud

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Cosmic X said...

If the Rambam is voting "Am Shalem" I'll never learn his works again! ;)