Thursday, April 23, 2009

Keep your Laws off my body

A common argument of the "Pro-Choice" (AKA Pro-Abortion) lobby is that Government has no business interfering with the reproductive choices of women.

There are many problems with the argument (mainly it seems to ignore the rights of the unborn baby), but if the Pro-choice Lobby is sincere in their belief that government should keep out of people's personal lives, especially with regards to reproduction, than I would expect the Pro-Choice camp to be up in arms against the Call in Australia to limit families to one child (similar to the laws in the Chinese dictatorship)

OK - Pro Choice camp, now is your opportunity to show a commitment to your belief, even if it doesn't involve killing unborn babies.


Call for one-child policy in Australia
Australia should consider having a one-child policy to protect the planet, an environmental lobby group says.

Sustainable Population Australia says slashing the world's population is the only way to avoid "environmental suicide".

National president Sandra Kanck wants Australia's population of almost 22 million reduced to seven million to tackle climate change.

And restricting each couple to one baby, as China does, is "one way of assisting to reduce the population".

"It's something we need to throw into the mix," the former Democrats parliamentarian told AAP.


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