Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did I just agree with Larry?

About a year ago I outlined my idea of how we can move towards peace in this tiny land.

Basically my theory is that high-level peace talks only lead to distrust and friction as our leaders meet as adversaries across a negotiating table. Everyone is pushing for a better deal and in the process demonizing the “other”.

In additional, borders, fences, violence, and mistrust make it increasingly difficult for Jews and Arabs to interact on a personal level.

I believe that the best way forward is to leave the “political process” and instead invest in educational, medical, and social opportunities for Jews and Arabs to interact.

If a generation grows up that don’t think of the “other” as “the enemy” possibly they will be able to make peace (I’m talking about at least 20 years from now, not “Peace Now”). The exact details of the peace plan, whether a Palestinian State (with open borders and a Jewish minority), or a semi-autonomous state, or a bi-national state, or any other solution can only de discussed once we have learned to live together.

I’m not sure whether I should be glad or frustrated that today there was a column in the (new look) Jerusalem Post which agrees with me that we need to find ways for Jews and Arabs to interact.

Frustrated because the author, fellow Modi’in resident Larry Derfner is well known for his incoherent articles. Although presented as a left-wing columnist, he is not a good spokesman for the left as his columns normally make so sense other than whatever the problem, Israel (or “The Settlers”) are to blame.

I hope that the fact that in this instance I seem to be agreeing with him does not dis-prove the logic in my idea.

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