Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kol Chatan V'Kol Simcha - Jewish Wedding Music

I just got off the phone from a lovely chat with my sister who lives in London, but אי"ה is getting married in February in New Zealand (a Summer wedding).

Among other things we talked about the fact that it looks like she'll be getting married under the same chuppah that our parents married under more than 40 years ago. She'll also be using our mother's veil.

We also talked about music for the wedding. She's trying to find great dance music as well as a nice song to which she can walk to the chuppah (of course she is looking for disks, not to fly performers out to New Zealand).

Well, below are a few suggestions, if anyone else has any ideas or recommendations, please fee free to leave a comment.

Arutz 7 has a Jukebox at:
If you click on the "Chassidic" link, there are dozens of collections of chassidic songs.

For the Chuppah, "Shalom Alechem" from this mix is very nice:
(Shalom Alechem is Song 8 at 34:45 on this mix)

There are also nice wedding mixes here and here, and a Tu B'Av mix here (although the first few songs on that mix aren't so great)

For the dancing, I suggested that she definitly look for Yehuda Glantz.
You can see him doing a wedding on YouTube here or you can hear extracts from all of his albums at MostlyMusic or at Nachum (You can also hear his songs here and here.)

One of my favorite singers right now is Lipa Schmeltzer, I even blogged about him a while ago, you can also find samples of his music at Mostly Music.

And of course don't forget the Piamenta. (Band's home page is here).

And Arutz 7 has a dance mix.

So - any other suggestions for music for a Jewish Wedding?

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