Thursday, September 25, 2008


It's almost the end of Shmitta, that means that between now and Rosh HaShana everyone should sign a Pruzbol (or Prozbol) to prevent all debts from being cancelled.

For people in Modi'in, HaRav David Lau made a Pruzbol available on the Modi'in Dati list. Direct link here
You should sign this document in front of a Beit Din consisting of three religious Jews.

If people prefer an English Translation, the Beth Din of America has a Pruzbol complete with instructions and text in both Hebrew and English available here.

For more information and background about Pruzbol, there was an article written by Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal made available on the "Shmitta" Yahoo list. The file is available at the link below, but you may need to sign up to the list to access it (you can sign up for this lest and choose not to receive emails)

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