Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And the award for the world's worst actor goes to.... (Pollywood at it's Worst)

Sometimes I wonder about the gullibility of the radical media. Are they really oblivious to reality or are they trying to pull a fast one on us and assume that we readers wont ask too many questions.
Take a look at the video below posted on the Radical Left Huffington Post,

The columnist, Max Blumenthal describes the video as follows:

When the demonstrators mobilize non-violently to stop the wall's construction -- to demand that the rule of law be honored -- the Israeli army has responded with massive force, killing, maiming, and brutalizing them on a consistent basis.
Video of the Israeli army's shootings of Palestinians demonstrators are easily accessible through YouTube. ... [V]ideo of Yusuf Aqel Srur's body being rushed into a Red Crescent ambulance after an Israeli sniper killed him with a .22 round to the chest ... can be watched here at 2:50.

I'm not sure how long Blumenthal spent in You Tube looking for "Video's of Israeli Soldiers shooting demonstrator" but if this is the best that he could find, this is a pretty good defence of the Israeli Army's methods.

I'm not sure how Blumenthal defines "non-violent" demonstrations, but the beginning of the video Palestinians are clearly shown firing rocks at soldiers using sling shots. Far from "non violent", this is a potential lethal attack.
The Israel army responds by firing tear gas canisters which is a common method of breaking up violent demonstrations all over the world.

Not sure why Blumenthal assumes there was an Israeli sniper or a ".22"; never heard of a sniper firing tear gas cannisters .

There is no footage of anyone being hit, however there is "[V]ideo of Yusuf Aqel Srur's body being rushed into a Red Crescent ambulance".
The scene of the guy being rushed into the ambulance looks like a poorly rehearsed high-school production, they are roughly handling the "patient", no attempts to stop the bleeding, the "patient" doesn't look like he's in pain.
The guys with the Red Crescent vests look more like actors than paramedics, how come there are suddenly so many paramedics on hand, yet none of them seem to have any first aid training?
If I was the teacher in a drama class with such pathetic actors, I would resign at the despair. The fact that Blumenthal describes this as a real life event shows that he either is blind, hopelessly naive, or is just hoping that his readers will have enough anti-Israel bias to take his word for it without thinking.

So - is Blumenthal gullible, stupid, or just plain evil?

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