Monday, July 20, 2009

What can you tell from a headline

There is a breaking story that after the destruction of a few isolated "Outposts" in Samaria there were Palestinian reports of fires set by "Settlers" damaging Palestinian farmland.

This is still a breaking story and many news sources have not (yet?) picked it up, however looking at some Web Sites that are covering it, a lot can be learned about the media bias just from the headline.

I don’t have any further information on the story, I have no idea how accurate the reports are (although if these were really arson attacks by Jews I find it extremely worrying). Right now I’m just comparing the way that the story is reported. Once further facts are known I may chip in with my own analysis

Your homework assignment is to Contrast and Compare the following headlines:

Israel National News (Arutz 7)
Police Raid Samaria Towns; Arabs Charge Jews with Arson

Jerusalem Post
West Bank fires feared to be settler acts of retaliation

Outposts demolished, Palestinian fields torched

Settlers attack Palestinians following outpost evacuation

Associated Press
Israeli settlers set fire to Palestinian fields

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