Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Letter to the Editor

Here is a letter that I just sent to the Sunday Star Times in New Zealand in response to a photo they published of an Anti-Israel rally in Auckland.

Bli neder I'll let you know if it gets published or there is any response.

The photo you published of the Anti Israel protest in Auckland highlights exactly the source of the problem in the Middle East.

While Israelis all over the world yearn for, pray for, and demonstrate for peace, the Palestinian supporters protest for the complete destruction of Israel, or as it is worded in the banner displayed in the photo "Free Palestine from the Zionist Occupation". Given that the Israeli occupation of Gaza ended in 2005, the only "Zionist Occupation" is what the rest of the world refers to simply as "Israel".

As soon as the Palestinians and their supporters stop their calls for the destruction of Israel, and instead join with Israelis in calls for peace and coexistence there is no limit to what can be accomplished by Jews and Arab Palestinians living side by side.

Unfortunately, if the demonstrators in the photo are typical of Palestinian supports, it is no wonder that Israel’s repeated peace offers have been unsuccessful.


Michael Sedley

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