Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Radical left shows its immorality

One of the very few journalists to be critical of Israel's defensive action in Gaza is fellow Modi'in Resident, Larry Derfner (I still regularly ready him in the hope that one day he'll make a rational argument, it's yet to happen...).

Anyway - his latest column showed clearly the immoral position of the radical left:
"But the Hashomer Hatza'ir kibbutzniks near Gaza who've been catching Kassams wanted the operation, and they apparently convinced Jumis [the nickname of party leader Haim Oron, himself a member of a kibbutz in the South] and that was that," said Meretz member Hillel Schenker, co-editor of the Palestine-Israel Journal.

Why should the Kibbutznik's who've been catching Kassams be the ones encouraging the operation. I thought that all Jews were responsible for one another, surely the socialists of Hashomer Hatzair should know that.
If defending the South of the country is correct, it is correct irrespective of which citizens are being bombed, if it's immoral, it's immoral even if it's my house that's being targeted.
If the only ones actively supporting the operation in Gaza are the ones directly in the line of fire, it shows that the entire organization is tragically mis-guided.
Why should the leadership of Hashomer Hatzair in other parts of the country react differently just because it's someone else's kibbutz that's being bombed.

And what did the kibbutzim in the south say when the kibbutzim in the North were being bombed.

If we as a country (or Hashomer Hatzair as a movement) really care about one another, it should be those outside the line of file screaming the loudest to protect their comrades under fire.

It seems that members of Hashomer Hatzair have forgotten what it means to be part of a nation, and can't think past the gate of their own kibbutz, and that is truly a tragedy.

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Great point,nice blog. good to know there are like-minded poeple out there.