Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life in Israel: Kosher? Just water please (video)

Love this short video from Rafi at Life in Israel.

Life in Israel: Kosher? Just water please (video)

As he says: it'd be funny if it wasn't true.

Sorta like the famous old joke:
After a good and long life the Satmar Rebbe was called to the World of Truth.
In his Honour, the Malachei Hashareit prepared a banquet, the likes of which hadn't been seen for a long time. They escort the Rebbe to the head of the table where a seat is waiting for him between Moshe Rabeinu and Avraham Aveinu.
After sitting down, the rebbe discreetly calls over a waiter and asks what Hashgacha is on the banquet. The waiter assures him the Hakadosh Bauch Hu in His Glory Personally supervised the meal.
"What about the meat" asked the Rebbe.
Again he was assured that HaShem watched the shchita and Personally made sure that there were no Sfeikot.
"And the Vegetables - were they checked for bugs? Shmitta? Orla?"
Again he was assured that HaShem was personally involved in every step in the production of the food.
The Rebbe seemed satisfied, but asked if he could possibly have a glass of tea in a disposable cup....
- sigh -

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