Sunday, January 4, 2009


As our soldiers entered Gaza over the past few hours, we should all spend a minute to stop and pray for or recite Tehillim on behalf of these young men (and their families waiting for them at home), as well for all the families under siege in the South.

If you want to understand the concept of Tfilla with proper Kavana, try to put yourself in the shoes of a soldier deployed over Shabbat on the border with Gaza - how do you think his Tefilla was, knowing that within a few hours he would be seeing the true evil of war face to face.

I imagine that the Tefilla was very different from a regular Shabbat morning.

Following is the Tfilla written by Rav Shmue Eliahu, approved by his father (May HaShem grant him a Refual Shleima)

יהי רצון מלפניך ה' אלוקינו ואלוקי אבותינו שתרחם עלינו ועם כל תושבי הדרום.
הגן עלינו ברוב חסדך ופרוס עלינו סוכת שלומך.
חזק את ידי הלוחמים המגינים עלינו ומוסרים את נפשם למעננו.
שמור עליהם והגן עליהם מכל רע.
הפר עצת אויבינו ושונאינו "חרבם תבוא בליבם וקשתותם תשברנה".
ריבונו של עולם, תן בלב מנהיגנו חוכמה ועוז ותעצומות נפש להכרית את כל אויבינו, ותקויים בהם תפילת דוד המלך עליו השלום: "ארדוף אויבי ואשיגם ולא אשוב עד כלותם".
אמן. כן יהי רצון

English Translation
"May it be Your Will, L-rd our G-d and G-d of our forefathers, that You will have mercy on us and on all the residents of the south.

Protect us in the bounty of your kindness and spread out over us the shelter of Your peace.

Strengthen the arms of the fighting soldiers who protect us and give their souls for us.

Protect them and guard them from all misfortune.

Foil the plans of our haters and enemies; "Their swords shall plunge into their hearts and their bows shall break."

Sovereign of the Universe, give our leaders wisdom and courage and strength of heart to annihilate all of our enemies, and let the prayer of King David, may he rest in peace, come true regarding them: "I shall chase after my enemies and I shall catch up to them and I will not return until they are destroyed." Amen.

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